Community Rail

What is Community Rail?

All across the UK there are networks of social action groups, anchored around railway stations, working hard and really making a difference.

They plant, paint, promote, provide affection and enthusiasm for platforms, waiting areas and the wider local community. So, Community Rail is just that, the amazing people, working hard to make a real difference.​

It’s increasingly recognised that the impact of our railway stations goes far beyond the ‘traveling point’ as these are places for local people to enjoy and be proud of, as well as markers in the history of the local towns in which they sit.

Community rail collage

How can you get involved?

We can all help make a difference, if you want to volunteer or know of anyone in your local community, fellow passengers or workmates who would be interested in lending a hand to help make your station a special place to visit, you can email the community team: [email protected]

Adopting a Station

You can also Adopt a Station. To find out more have a read through our Adopt a Station page.

Our news

Catch up on our community teams' recent news.

Thank you!

A big thank you to all our current friends and adopters – why not have a read of our wonderful thank you poem, Pride of Place?

Alternatively, view the hard work our friends and adopters do through our Pride of Place: Community Action online video.