Customer Panel

Help to keep us on track

We want to make your train service better by knowing what’s important to you: what are we getting right and where do we need to rethink our approach? Last year, we launched our brand new customer panels and had a great response from individuals wanting to work with us to help keep us on track. The groups have been part of numerous online surveys and focus groups and have been invaluable in helping us form some major business decisions.

We’re looking to expand our panel

All we’re looking for is constructive feedback – most of it online. You can choose how much you want to share and how involved you want to be. In return, we promise to listen to your thoughts, views and suggestions – and to be as open and transparent as we can about how we plan to address them.

To apply for your place on a 2024 panel – there are 16 to choose from based on the areas you travel - simply click on the link below. We’re looking for a wide cross-section of travellers – young and old, regular and infrequent - from a variety of backgrounds, to make sure we’re delivering a service that’s right for everyone.

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