First Class

In response to changing customer demand, from Sunday 21 May 2023 we removed First Class on our sister company, London Northwestern Railway, services.

Our West Midlands Railway services have not historically provided first-class seating options, so the changes mentioned above do not apply.

Frequently asked questions

First Class use has been in decline for some time. By making the whole of our trains available to everyone we are able to provide additional seats for our Standard Class passengers. The change means an extra 4.7 million seats have become available for everybody on London Northwestern Railway, helping us to welcome more customers to the railway.

While we have removed First Class signage from the inside and outside of our fleet, we do not plan to make any major alterations to the internal layout of our fleet. In coming years some of our current trains will be leaving our fleet as they are replaced with our new Class 730 trains.

Our ‘How Busy Is My Train?’ tool can help you find quieter trains to travel on.