Station accessibility information

Different stations have different accessibility. Before you travel, you should check what assistance is provided at the regular stations you use.

Station finder

You can find helpful accessibility information about our stations, such as opening hours, accessible toilets, and step-free access on our station pages.

Check station information

We ensure the accessibility information is regularly up-to-date. However, our Station pages does not cover all station facilities. Further information can be found on the station pages of the relevant station operators’ websites or via National Rail Enquiries .

Step-free access network map

Step-free access stations provide lifts or ramps - or both - so that passengers' access to the station does not depend on escalators or stairs. All of our stations are categorised for their level of accessibility:

  • A: This station has step-free access to all platforms.

  • B1: This station has step-free access to all platforms, but that this may include long or steep ramps. Access between platforms may be via the street.

  • B2: This station has some step-free access to all platforms.

  • B3: This station has some step-free access, may this be in one direction only.

  • C: This station does not have step-free access to any platform.

View our Accessible West Midlands Railway network map (PDF) to determine what level of step-free access is available at each station on our network. More information on the step-free classification system can be found on the ORR website.

Stations with no step-free access

The following stations do not have any step free access between the entrance and platforms:

Acton Bridge, Adderley Park, Bescot Stadium, Bletchley Martson Vale, Bordesley, Butlers Lane, Cheddington, Cosford, Dudley Port, Long Buckby, Old Hill, Small Heath, Smethwick Rolfe Street*, Tysley, Water Orton & Wood End.

If you need to start or end your journey at one of these stations, our Passenger Assist travel team will work with you to arrange alternative accessible travel that will take you to the next accessible point to continue your journey.

*Smethwick Rolfe Street is currently having lifts installed to both platforms from the station entrance, due for completion in August 2022

What do I do when I get to the station?

When you arrive at our staffed stations, please notify the ticket office to let us know you have arrived. A station colleague will be waiting to assist you onto the train.

If you requested assistance at an unstaffed station, or outside of part-time staffed hours, please proceed to the relevant platform so that our on-train team can assist you. Our conductors are trained to identify customers who may need assistance.

If you’re unsure exactly where you need to be, please ask our Passenger Assist team when making your assistance booking so they can confirm your meeting point.

Station accessibility features explained

Ramp for train access

Many of our stations have ramps that are stored on the platform. These are operated by station colleagues who will deploy them during the hours that a station is staffed.

In addition, all of our trains have ramps onboard that are operated and deployed by our conductors. Before the train goes into passenger service, the conductor inspects the ramp to ensure it is placed in the correct area of the train, is free from damage and is the right ramp for the type of train. If any of these checks fail, then the train won't enter into service.

Ether way, we will always be able to assist you onto the train with a ramp, at any time.

Train departures and arrivals information

In many of our stations, you will find a combination of customer information screens and automated public announcements. In some areas, automatic messages may be supplemented with spoken announcements.

Our staff will assist you if your journey is altered in any way. If your trip is made inaccessible for any reason, we will discuss alternatives with you and arrange alternate transportation if necessary.

Real time train running information is also available on our app, website. through twitter via @Westmidrailway and our Passenger Assist travel team.

Help points

We have help points on all our stations at a height that is accessible for everyone. These are clearly signposted and can provide you any information relating to timetables, engineering work and accessible stations. At our staffed stations you can get all the information you need from either a ticket office, customer information desk or a member of staff.

Upon arrival at the station entrance, you will see welcome posters showing information relating to onward travel and contact information. They also include the freephone Passenger Assist number and the next nearest staffed station. The textphone or Next Generation Text number is also clearly displayed.

Ticket Vending Machines

Most of our stations have ticket vending machines (TVMs). You can use your railcard in which to make a purchase and obtain the discounted fare.

Our TVMs are unique as they have a special assistance option which links to our contact centre.. The agent on the phone can take over the ticket purchase process if you are struggling and support you with your ticket purchase.

Ticket gates

Some of our stations have ticket gates which are staffed. When there are no staff available to operate the ticket gates at stations, we will lock open the ticket gates for unobstructed access. Wide gates are available at all stations which have ticket gates for wheelchair users, buggies and luggage.


We will provide free-of-charge assistance with luggage within our station and to and from the train for disabled customers. Please bear in mind some of our staff can't carry heavy items over 20Kg's. The National Rail Conditions of Travel state that you may take a single item of hand luggage that must be capable of being held in your lap if required, plus up to 2 items of luggage.