Assistance cards & lanyards

Our staff are trained to listen to our passengers with patience and to be mindful that not all disabilities are visible to others.

Below are items passengers can use to discreetly indicate that they may need additional assistance or time:

Travel Assistance Card

Our Travel Assistance Card is a free card for anyone who may need that extra bit of help and find it difficult to ask. The card can be useful for people with learning difficulties, memory loss, limited or no English, hearing impairments, or problems communicating.

Download and print the card below and fill it in or ask someone to fill it in for you. There is space on the card to tell us a little about you and what help you may need. You can write or draw anything that could help our staff to assist you. Simply show the card to a member of our staff at the station or on the train and they will help you as much as they can.

If you can’t download and print the card yourself, our Customer Relations team will be happy to send you one through the post.

Priority Seating Card

If you find it difficult to stand, you’ll find priority seats available on all of our trains. Priority seats are primarily for disabled, older or pregnant customers. When asked politely, most people will be quite happy to move from the seat (unless they need it too) to allow you to sit there instead.

However, we understand that not everyone is comfortable or able to ask so we can give you a Priority Seating card to show that you have a real need for a seat.

To sign up for the scheme, download the Priority Seating Card Application Form and send the completed form to:

Priority Seat Card Application
Customer Relations

If you can’t download and print the application yourself, our Customer Relations team will be happy to send you one through the post.

Assistance Dog Under Seat card

We support the National Rail’s Assistance Dogs Travel Scheme across all our services. The scheme helps assistance dogs and their owners travel comfortably and safely on our trains by giving a 'protected space' for the dog.

The highly visible and reusable ‘Assistance Dog Under Seat’ card can be placed on the seat next to you. This lets railway staff and other customers know the seat and the space under it should be kept free for your dog.

A Assistance dog under seat is available for download.

JAM Card

A JAM Card allows people with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier tell others they need ‘Just A Minute’ discreetly and easily.

You can request one from the JAM Card website .

Sunflower lanyard

The Sunflower Lanyard scheme is a way for passengers with non-visible disabilities to discreetly let others know they may need extra time or assistance on their journey. The scheme is widely recognised across the UK, for example by train companies, in large shops and at airports. You can wear the lanyard at any time and take it off when you choose to.

The Sunflower Lanyard website has more information.