Digital Season tickets

The instant way to buy your season ticket

What is a Digital Season ticket?

Digital Season tickets (sTickets) are train tickets that are stored on your phone as a barcode, without having to carry a paper ticket.

How to buy a Digital Season ticket

  • Buy your Season ticket (Flexi, Weekly or Monthly) through the West Midlands Railway app .
  • When prompted to pay, if your ticket is eligible for a Digital Season ticket you will be able to select the 'mobile barcode-in-app' option
  • Your Season ticket will appear in your Ticket Wallet once payment has been made
  • Tap your Season ticket to activate it before you travel
  • Use the barcode on your new Season ticket to pass ticket gates or show it to staff.

Things to remember

  • At the time of purchase, you will be asked to enter your name and upload a photo of yourself. (This step is not required in future purchases)
  • An internet connection is required to download the season ticket prior to the first journey of the day
  • Digital Season tickets must be shown on a mobile device and cannot be printed out
  • Digital Season tickets are restricted to a single device, so you cannot log in on 2 devices and access on both
  • Not all routes and areas are available as Digital Season tickets (sTickets), you will be shown if your route and ticket is eligible during the payment process
Weekly and monthly digital season tickets are not available for routes within the West Midlands rail zones. You can instead use a Swift card. Swift cards are the smart and flexible way to travel around the West Midlands. For more information, please visit the Transport for West Midlands website .

Frequently Asked Questions

A Digital Season ticket (sTicket) is a barcode ticket stored in the West Midlands Railway app that can be used for travel without needing a separate paper ticket or Smartcard.

At the moment most routes managed by London Northwestern Railway and West Midlands Railway are available. This excludes some in the Worcester and Hereford area and some flows in the London area, due to incompatibilities with other operators in these areas.

The ticket types available are Flexi, Weekly and Monthly seasons.

For adult tickets you will be requested to take a photograph (or select one from your phone’s gallery) which will be displayed with the ticket.

For child tickets, a separate Child Photocard will need to be carried.

No, we don’t charge any booking fees for these tickets.

Your ticket will be stored in the London Northwestern Railway mobile app. You will need to have a working internet connection at the start of each day in order to verify the ticket validity, after this the ticket will be available for use throughout the day. The ticket will be shown as a barcode, simply show this when asked on-train or at a station.

The app will work with:

  • iOS smartphone version 13.4 or later
  • Android smartphone version 5.0 or later

If you are unable to present your ticket for inspection, you’ll have to buy a new ticket at the full fare and may be issued with a Penalty fare. Under normal Season Ticket Left at Home procedures you then may be able to get a refund for any further tickets purchased, up to twice a year (an administration fee may be charged)

You can transfer the ticket between devices, but you can only use the ticket on one device at a time and must wait three hours after using the ticket before transferring it to another device. This can be done easily through the app.

Yes, you can apply for a refund. We complete a calculation of how much is refunded by how much value is left on your ticket. This is done by deducting the value of the alternative tickets you could have bought in the actual time the season ticket was used for.

To apply for a refund on a season ticket bought online, please follow the prompts under the “Manage booking” section of the app or website where the ticket was purchased.

For more information about refunds, please visit our Refunds & exchanges page.

Yes, you can claim Delay Repay .