Commuter travel guide

Planning for your new commute? Read our back to work travel guide to understand our most flexible train tickets.

From day tickets to season tickets, you have a great deal of choice for your new and contactless commute.

Travel once or twice a week?

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Available throughout the day at quieter times, and cheaper than Anytime tickets.

  • weekends are entirely off-peak
  • no need to pre-book
  • avoid the rush hours

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Anytime train tickets are fully flexible tickets, for travel at any time of the day.

  • travel at any time
  • no need to pre-book
  • anytime and any train

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Flexi Season

Perfect for those who work a couple of times a week at peak time Monday to Friday.

  • 8 days of travel in 28 days
  • Anytime between two stations

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Travel three or more times a week?

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Unlimited travel for 7 consecutive days, pay for just five days. Cheaper than 5 Anytime Day Returns.

monthly season ticket icon


Cheaper than 4 separate weekly tickets, start on any day and it's available for a whole calendar month. Alternatively, choose your own time frame with a Monthly+.

Yearly season ticket icon


The best value season ticket, giving you 52 weeks travel for the price of just 40​.

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Business | Students

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Corporate Travel - Just Business

Our new online hub makes booking business train travel simple and manageable for everyone in your organisation.

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Student season tickets

Get up to 50% off on the usual adult season ticket price when you travel to school, college or university.

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