Application process

Stand out from the crowd

The application process for any role here at West Midlands Railway follows a few simple steps which we have broken down for you below so that you can get an overview of what’s involved when applying to become part of our railway family.

If you’re looking for your next challenge, then why not have a browse over on our owning company website (Abellio) to see our current vacancies, or to sign up for job alerts?

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Completing your application

Our online application hub is the one-stop shop when it comes to applying for jobs at West Midlands Railway. Here you can create an account to save your progress as you go on, and submit your application when you’re ready.

Initial questions

The very start of your online application will require you to answer a few simple questions. To give yourself the best chance possible, it’s a good idea to provide as much detail as you can on your application. Once we have reviewed and shortlisted all applications, we will be in touch to tell you if you have made it to the next stage.

Psychometric testing

For the next stage of the process, you may be invited to complete one or more psychometric tests, which will either be held online for you to complete at home, or we may invite you into one of our testing sessions.

Video interview

For some of our roles, you may be invited to answer a series of short video interview questions. This allows us to get to know you a little better, and it’s your opportunity to tell us what you know about West Midlands Railway and the role you have applied for. As part of this stage, you may also be asked a competency-based question or two.

Assessment days

You may be invited to attend an in-person assessment day covering a variety of tests on skills relevant to the role you have applied for. These assessment days are a great opportunity for you to learn more about West Midlands Railway and to find out what it’s like to work for us from our colleagues around the business.

They also allow us to assess how you react in a group and with individual tasks. To give you the best chance possible.

Top tips for assessment days

  • It is an opportunity to demonstrate your skills, so make sure you get involved.
  • Keep an open mind
  • Show positivity and enthusiasm
  • Be yourself


If you have made it to this stage then well done! Here you will be invited to a competency-based interview, which may be conducted in person or online over video.

Competency-based interviews allow us to assess how your working style aligns with our values and behaviours and makes sure that we are a good fit for each other. We will also ask questions for you to provide examples from your past employment or education.

To ensure that you provide us with a detailed response that fully answers the question, we recommend using the STAR technique to structure your responses:

  • S: Situation – give an overview of the situation
  • T: Tasks – describe the tasks that were necessary to be done. Were there any problems or challenges you faced?
  • A: Action – describe the actions that you took
  • R: Result – summarise the result of your actions. Describe what you accomplished and what you learnt in the situation.

This interview is normally the last stage of the process (although for some roles we may require a second interview). Successful candidates will be contacted by phone with an offer for the role and arrangement for your pre-employment checks will take place. Unsuccessful candidates will be emailed and will have the opportunity to request feedback.