Trains to Hereford

How to get cheap train tickets to Hereford

Looking for affordable train tickets to Hereford? Follow these tips:

  • Travel Off-Peak: Fares are typically cheaper during quieter times on weekdays and weekends. To get better deals, avoid traveling during peak hours.
  • Get a Railcard: Save up to 1/3 on eligible journeys with a Railcard. It’s ideal for anyone who catches the train a few times a year.
  • Use GroupSave: If you’re traveling in a group of 3 to 9 people, take advantage of GroupSave discounts. You could save up to 34% on Off-Peak journeys.
  • Book Direct: No booking fees for all train journeys on our website or app.

Things to do in Hereford

This cathedral city lies among the rolling pastures of Herefordshire and is synonymous with quality food and drink. Catch a train to Hereford and marvel at its historic architecture, enjoy fine eateries, and soak up an impressive roster of live entertainment.

Resting along the serene waters of the River Wye, Hereford is renowned for its agricultural heritage and production of quality food and drink.

The cathedral city is surrounded by Herefordshire’s rolling pastures. This dreamlike setting is peaceful and rustic, qualities that the city itself complements with charming architecture that has a rural sensibility at its core.

Culture and heritage

Hereford Cathedral is home to the 13th Century Mappa Mundi, a must-see attraction for history buffs. While visually beautiful, this is the largest medieval map of the world in existence and serves as a snapshot of the faith and social setting of the time.

The cathedral is also home to the Chained Library. This quirky location represents what was formerly the most widespread method of book security in libraries across Europe from the Middle Ages to the 18th century. Game of Thrones fans may get a kick out of this now archaic method, as it was the inspiration for the citadel’s chained library seen in the series.


For a taste of the region’s affiliation with the creation of delicious drinks, head to the Hereford Cider Museum . The luscious, green scenery surrounding the city is sprinkled with orchards, and the cider production here has seen the birth of the global brand, Bulmers. The Cider Museum hosts live pressing demonstrations and the chance to see elements of a preserved Victorian factory.

Hereford Museum and Art Gallery are found within the walls of an alluring Victorian Gothic building. The splendour continues inside, a space where local artefacts have been exhibited since 1874.

Food and drink

The city boasts a range of tasty eateries to satisfy even the most demanding of palates. Local cuisine features acclaimed dishes at Madam & Adam on Bridge Street, King Street Kitchen , and The Beefy Boys at Old Market. There are familiar chains aplenty in the centre too, such as Wagamamas, Pizza Express, and ASK Italian.

Sports and outdoors

Lying on the north eastern fringes of the city is Aylestone Park. This green oasis stretches for 47 acres and is adorned with woodland trails and swathes of open parkland. Take a bus from the city centre to get there.

King George V Playing Fields lie to the south of the centre itself and sit along the banks of the River Wye. This large open space is perfect for bathing in the sun and letting the little ones burn off steam.

Music and nightlife

For entertainment, the Courtyard Centre for the Arts has a varied programme of live and film events that takes centre stage across its 400-seat main house and 120-seat studio theatre. The ODEON meanwhile offers a traditional cinema experience, screening all the latest blockbusters.

Pubs and bars throughout the city regularly stage bands and talent from the local area and beyond. One such venue is The Left Bank Village , a quirky hub of events that also boasts a rooftop cocktail bar and an underground bar and stage called ‘The Speakeasy’. Gordon Bennetts Bar is another popular live venue that champions great bands and great beer.


Hereford’s highstreet is a bustling retail centre. Between High Town and The Old Market, shoppers are treated to a wide roster of big-name chains and bespoke independents.

Where do WMR trains to Hereford arrive and depart?

WMR trains arrive and depart from Hereford’s only train station, located on the northeastern fringe of the city centre.

Which train services run direct to Hereford?

Take the train to Hereford for a journey that’s as scenic as it is convenient. Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by a town that offers something for everyone.

From the north, we operate direct trains from Birmingham New Street to Hereford. Prices start from just £21.30 one-way, with the fastest train taking approximately 1 hour 22 minutes.

When is the best time to travel to Hereford by train?

It’s wonderfully cheap and easy to travel to Hereford by train. By opting for off-peak times to travel, you’ll enjoy less-crowded trains and cheaper ticket prices too.