Service Quality Performance

Service Quality Performance

As part of our commitment to continuously improve and invest in your railway we have recently launched a new Service Quality Regime (SQR) to audit our physical assets such as stations and trains, as well as ourselves. This scheme ensures we get the basics right for you, our customers. The targets for the scheme are set by the Department for Transport (DfT) and they continue throughout the course of our franchise.

To support our SQR scheme we have a programme of initiatives planned over the next few years to make significant improvements to our stations, uniforms and cleaning standards. Plus, that our colleagues are proactive in reporting issues they see to help improve our standards.

Our first period of results are below and we will use these to focus on areas where we are falling short of the required DfT target. We will update these results every 4 weeks so you can track our performance.

Station Performance

Stations Period 1 Target
Ambience 86.7% 88%
Lighting 89.4%
Seating 57.4%
Shelters/canopies 89.7%
Landscaping and vegetation 98.4%
Toilet operation 81.5%
Security 100%
Maintenance 93.8% 92%
Winterisation 100%
Hazardous damage 93.4%
Access routes 95.0%
Car parking 88.4%
Cycle parking 96.1%
Cleanliness 61% 83%
General cleanliness 60.7%
Toilet cleanliness 80.0%
Graffiti 60.7%
Etching 34.4%
Litter 77.0%
Information 85.2% 70%
Customer information screens/displays 100.0%
Help points 67.2%
Posters and frames 63.9%
Multi-modal information 98.4%
Public Address system 89.3%
Signage 86.9%
Leaflets 83.3%
Information during delays 100.0%
Ticketing & Staffing 86.2% 69%
Ticket vending machines 75.4%
Ticket gates 83.3%
Staff presence 97.6%
Ticket office 90.9%
Total 82.8%

Fleet Performance

Fleet Period 1 Target
Ambience 68.4% 61%
Lighting 88.3%
Vehicle interior condition 45.3%
Toilet operation (if applicable) 76.4%
Cleanliness 87.7% 76%
Exterior cleanliness 90.6%
Graffiti 90.0%
Etching 72.5%
Interior cleanliness 86.9%
Litter 93.7%
Toilet cleanliness 88.5%
Information 79.4% 44%
Customer information displays and announcements 77.5%
WiFi 53.7%
Poster and frames including maps, timetables, safety information 86.9%
Information at times of disruption 90.9%
Customer Service 89.9% 50%
Staff Visibility 89.9%
Total 80.6%