We love to see people grow and develop, which is why we offer apprenticeship schemes that allow you to learn on the job whilst getting paid.

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Our Apprentice Technician recruitment opportunities are now open!

We are on the lookout for x4 brand-new Apprentice Technicians to join our team based in the West Midlands.

So, if you are interested in fast-tracking your career in engineering, earning while you learn, working with industry experts and getting practical experience to help you on your career path, why not apply?

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West Midlands Railway apprenticeships

Kick-starting your career can often be a bit daunting, which is why you can find what makes you tick through our apprentice programme. You gain valuable insight into our railway family and find an exciting and rewarding career path to put you on the right track.

Engineering apprentices

At West Midlands Railway, we’re proud to run an industry-leading and hugely successful (even if we do say so ourselves) engineering trailblazer apprenticeship scheme. As one of our apprentice engineers, you’ll be responsible for getting stuck in and servicing our West Midlands Railway mechanical and electrical systems, and learning complex electrical and mechanical components that are used in the modern rail industry today.

Alongside your practical and educational training, there are plenty of other activities you can get involved in. Some of our apprentices have even spoken to audiences of local and national politicians, Members of Parliament, as well as appearing on national television!

What to expect from an engineering apprenticeship

Train driver apprenticeships

As a Train Driver Apprentice, you will be responsible for the safe and prompt transport of customers to their various destinations. As an apprentice, you will be trained in many areas, including driving and maintaining our trains/rail network and be taught how to work in a range of railway areas, such as depots, sidings or maintenance sheds.

This apprenticeship is a fantastic way to get stuck into many different areas of work in the rail industry, as many of the skills are transferable meaning it could lead to jobs in senior management (operations), or a career training others how to drive our trains.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on business needs we may (at times) offer work experience. When these are available, they will be advertised on our careers page.

For graduate placements, we are excited to launch our first graduate programme! We are looking for freshly qualified graduates who would like to make a genuine impact delivering benefits to customers travelling by rail.