Mobile tickets

Similar to e-tickets, but you need to ‘activate’ the ticket via the app.

What is a mobile ticket?

Mobile train tickets (m-tickets) are train tickets stored within our app. Mobile Tickets can’t be shared or used on more than one device.

How to buy a mobile ticket

  • Download the West Midlands Railway app
  • Book your journey and select the ‘mobile’ as the delivery option. The ticket will be saved in the app under "My Tickets"
  • Log into the app – your m-ticket will appear in the ticket wallet about 10 minutes after booking
  • Activate your ticket from within the app before going to the gate. Then scan your barcode to open the gates. If you are travelling from a station with no gates, just show your bar code to the barrier staff

Things to remember

  • Make sure you activate your m-ticket on the day of travel from within the app. An inactivated ticket is not valid for travel.
  • If your smartphone is lost, broken or runs out of battery and you can’t present your ticket you’ll need to buy another ticket
  • We may ask to see the payment card you used to buy the ticket, as well as some ID – this means you cannot buy an m-ticket for somebody unless you’re travelling with them
  • The mobile ticket has two parts, the first contains your details and the second contains the barcode to be scanned at the ticket barrier

London Underground

You can’t use a mobile ticket on the London Underground. If you are booking a journey which includes some time on the underground, the mobile ticket option will not be shown.​