Passenger's Charter

How many companies make promises throughout the year and let them slip?

Well, our Passenger's Charter sets out exactly what you can expect from us. There can be no excuses because it’s all there in plain sight.

It shows how totally committed we are to ensure that your region’s railway and services are responsive to your needs. In blunt terms, this will become the rail network the region has been crying out for.

Within the Charter you’ll find details on how to get in touch with us if you need help, assistance, or just want to pass on a compliment. (Of course, we’ll deal with any complaints, too.) There’s loads of info on the different ticket types available, where you can buy them, and even the best ticket to buy for your particular journey. Any changes (like disruptions) and we’ll let you know how you can find out about them, too.

Delays are a right pain, so we’re beefing up our compensation scheme called ‘Delay Repay’ and our Charter lets you know how to make a claim. And, if you’re interested in how we’re doing, we’ve set out performance and quality targets you can check that we’re meeting.

Everything is open, honest and straightforward. Download a PDF version here.