Priority seating

Priority seating is designed to be easily accessible for passengers who need them. These seats are intended for:

  • Disabled people
  • Elderly people
  • Pregnant women

When asked politely, most people will be quite happy to move from the seat (unless they need it too) to allow you to sit there instead.

Priority Seating Card scheme

We understand that not everyone is comfortable or able to ask so we operate a Priority Seating Cards scheme. Any person who cannot stand safely for their journey and are elderly, pregnant, or have a disability can apply for a Priority Seating card.

The card will indicate that this passenger has been recognised by West Midlands Railway as needing a priority seat. Card holders will present their priority seat card and ask the person seated to give up their seat. However, consideration should also be given to their needs as not all conditions are ‘visible’.

To sign up for the scheme, simply download a Priority Seating Card Application Form or you can also request an application form from our Contact Relations team .