History of Water Orton station explored following West Midlands Railway grant

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021 - 13:30
History of Water Orton station explored following West Midlands Railway grant

A new book exploring the history of Water Orton station has been published following a community grant from West Midlands Railway (WMR).

The book - Water Orton Rail History - documents the heritage of the Warwickshire station and surrounding rail network. The station opened in 1842 and has remained a focal point of the community.

It has been produced by a group of volunteers from the village with the help of a grant from WMR's "Your Community, Your Fund" scheme.

Patrick Fleming, who wrote the book and is a member of Water Orton Community Action, said:

"There are huge developments in the rail infrastructure under way at the moment and it is unclear exactly what impact this will have on Water Orton station. This is why we felt it was so important that we document its history and importance to the community now.

“There is a strong desire to capture the heritage of the railway in Water Orton and how this has influenced the development of the village. It is of great importance to the community at this time. Whatever the future holds, we want this book to be a permanent record to preserve its history.

"We are grateful to West Midlands Railway for the funding that has allowed us to put this book together. It will be an invaluable resource to future generations to learn about the station and its rich heritage."

The “Your Community, Your Fund” scheme is funded by the Department for Transport and was previously known as the Customer & Communities Improvement Fund. Under the scheme, WMR and sister company London Northwestern Railway will invest a total of £1.7million in dozens of community projects across the network in coming months.

Fay Easton, WMR head of community and stakeholder, said:

“Our stations have a wealth of history and it’s fantastic this is being recorded and documented so thoroughly.

“Stations are at the heart of a town or village and they play a huge role in the community. It’s important that this is not forgotten. We can’t wait to read the stories of those who have been involved with Water Orton station over the years.”

To purchase a Kindle copy of the book, click here or to order a printed version email [email protected]