Class 730 fleet

In addition to our new diesel train fleet we are excited to be welcoming a total of 36 brand-new electric trains.

These trains will be with us in the next year or so, but we are able to share some background to their development, testing, and their journey towards transforming your future travels with us.

New electric class 730 fleet:

  • 36 trains in 3 car formation to replace the Class 323s and doubling capacity for passengers on the Cross-City line
  • Expected to be coming into passenger service during 2022-2023

Class 730 Train

The first of our new electric fleet is currently being tested at Velim in Czechia, with the manufacturer being Alstom. We are so pleased that despite the pandemic, sterling progress to this stage has been made. The project has completed some initial testing in the UK, now it is ready for the next phase.

The new train now needs to be tested to make sure it works, is safe and meets all necessary standards. The UK test tracks are all very busy, so this one is being tested abroad. This will help speed up the testing programme and the sooner the tests are complete the closer we get to having these new trains in service.

This train will return to Britain later this year when it gets back there will be lots more testing to get it ready for our staff and customers.

Once testing is complete and our teams are all trained, we will launch this fleet into passenger service along our Cross-City line in the West Midlands. So, watch this space for more exciting developments, as this programme makes strides towards helping bring more electric trains to our network.

Here is the train being taken out on the tracks at Velim in Czechia, each test it takes brings it one step closer to being in service, but please be patient, these things do take time.