Automatic Number Plate Recognition

The way you pay for parking has changed

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology have been installed at the following locations along with more payment options and increased security. As part of these changes, these locations have also become cashless.

How does ANPR work?

  1. Enter and park as normal - ANPR cameras read your number plate on entry and know what time you arrived at the car park
  2. Pay using one of the cashless payment methods listed below in advance, on arrival or when you are ready to leave the car park. You now have up until midnight on the day you park to pay for your parking using Late Pay .
  3. The ANPR cameras at the exit will know you have paid correctly

How do I pay for parking?

You can pay for parking using the Glide Parking app, Saba Parking UK app, online using the Saba website, via SMS or using one of the new payment machines within the car park.

Details of these cashless payment platforms are shown below.

  • Glide App – available on iOS and Android platforms
  • Download the Saba Parking UK app – available on iOS or Android. If you already have this app you can continue to use this.
  • Website – Visit the Saba Parking website and search your station

If you have paid for the incorrect Vehicle Registration Number. You can amend this if you have purchased via the Saba App. If you have paid by any other means please contact Saba customer services.

Blue Badge Parking

Blue Badge Holders must register on the Saba Blue Badge Portal to continue benefiting from free parking and to avoid being issued a Penalty Notice.

The portal allows users to register their Blue Badge and apply for an annual e-permit valid for up to three vehicles at up to three London Northwestern Railway or West Midlands Railway station locations. Users can manage their account online ensure details are kept up to date.

Please remember that you still must display your Blue Badge in your windscreen when you leave your vehicle.

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Frequently asked questions

Please see some frequently asked questions below regarding ANPR

ANPR is a fast, simple and convenient for customers to pay for the use of the car park, as it increases the variety of payment options available. No danger of a lost, damaged or unreadable ticket, just a simple effortless process.

The new camera system also offers further security at our car park locations and provides you more flexibility to pay for your parking by allowing you up to midnight the same day to pay.

You can either pay, on arrival at the car park, when you’re ready and up to midnight the same day (after Glide App or Saba App).

Purchasing parking in advance is one of the flexible range of payment methods we offer but it does not guarantee you a space in the car park.

Car park tickets are valid until 3:59am the next day.

No, there’s no need to display a ticket as your parking session is automatically picked up by our cameras. The system will know you have paid when you exit as it will automatically recognise your number plate.​

There is a short grace period of 20 minutes to allow for drop off and pick up. The system recognises the vehicle reg on entry and then again on exit and calculates the time it has been on site. A penalty notice will only be issued if the vehicle has exceeded the grace period and no payment can be located. There is no need to register.

You will not be able to purchase a car park ticket on the self-service ticket machines once we have installed ANPR.

Nothing, your existing purchase will remain valid for the period of validity left on your permit and you no longer need to display a physical permit in your windscreen. All your details will be held electronically and will be whitelisted on the ANPR system.

Please ensure you update your vehicle if it has changed prior to using the car park. You can monitor your permit expiry, either via the app or the automated email (Saba App / Website).

No, they will however need to register their vehicle on the Blue Badge Portal to continue to benefit from free parking. Additionally, they must continue to display their Full Blue Badge on their windscreen as manual checks will continue to take place at all locations.

If paid within 14 days it is £60.00. If not paid within this timeframe the full cost of £100.00 is applied. If a Penalty Notice remains unpaid after 28 days, it is passed to our Debt Management agency for them to process in line with their additional charges.

Penalty Notices can be appealed and how to do this is shown on the Penalty documentation sent to the Registered Keeper.

The penalty notice documentation that you receive will show clear images of your vehicle entry and exit on the day(s) in question. There will also be instructions on how to pay the penalty notice or appeal if you believe that the penalty has been incorrectly issued.