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Things to do in Jewellery Quarter

Hop on a train to Birmingham's dazzling Jewellery Quarter , a national treasure devoted to jewellery manufacture. Explore former factories turned into buzzing spaces for dining, drinking and creating and uncover the city's industrial tale while admiring world-class jewellery.

Culture and heritage

Step into the Jewellery Quarter, where Birmingham's industrial heritage comes to life. This creative district holds the title of Europe's largest hub for jewellery makers, producing an impressive 40% of the UK's jewellery annually.

Its very name harks back to its origins when the gold and silversmith trade flourished and propelled Birmingham into a powerhouse during the Industrial Revolution.

Once scattered across the city, manufacturers clustered in Hockley from around 1760. The city became known for metalworking from steel toys to buttons and buckles as well as pen nibs, before plating steel and copper in silver, and quickly earned a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship.

The metamorphosis of the Jewellery Quarter began in the late 1970s, spurred by economic change. Factories added shopfronts, changing how they sold to customers, and transformed the area.

Restoration efforts in the 1980s helped keep the quarter’s historic character alive by preserving the original terracotta brick buildings and vintage signs.

Lose track of time as you explore the creativity of the Jewellery Quarter, where over 300 jewellery-making businesses still passionately craft and create.


Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter has the best and most extensive group of Victorian and 20th-century buildings in Europe devoted to the manufacture of jewellery.

Admire the Quarter's oldest building, St. Paul's Church , aka the Jewellers’ Church, dating to 1779 with an important 1791 stained-glass window and George Stubbs' remarkable artwork, the Last Supper.

Step into a vanished industrial world at J W Evans Silver Factory , established in 1881 and specialising in table silverware until its closure in 2008. Book a guided tour of the intact workshops with drop stamps and fly presses.

Visit the Pen Museum in the 1863 WE Wiley pen factory and explore Birmingham's Victorian-era steel pen nib industry that employed 8,000 workers, mainly women, across 129 companies. Engage in interactive experiences like writing with quill and ink, calligraphy and graphology.

Check the time at the landmark Edwardian Chamberlain Clock at the junction of Vyse Street, Frederick Street and Warstone Lane, marking the heart of the Jewellery Quarter. This 1903 tribute to Joseph Chamberlain MP features a restored cast iron clocktower with four faces.

Food and drink

Experience the remarkable reinvention of the Jewellery Quarter as you dine in former factories that have been skilfully converted and repurposed into exciting new venues.

Swing by The Button Factory with a secret rooftop beer garden - your go-to for coffee to cocktails in a former Victorian factory with exposed brick walls.

Grab a seat at Hockley Social Club , a buzzing street food haven in a former printing factory, and take your pick from the pop-up food stalls run by indie artisans.

Enjoy craft cocktails and gastropub-style dishes in the lively atmosphere of The Rolling Mill , a former steel factory that maintains its original charm with an industrial-chic open-plan interior and outdoor area.

Cosy up in The Hive , an award-winning organic vegetarian café and bakery, using fresh rooftop garden ingredients. Housed in an 1879 jewellery factory, The Hive at New Standard Works offers a Heritage Room, Gallery, Maker's Studio, craft workshops, and free exhibitions..

Dig into Korean rice bowls, Caribbean curry and more from rotating menus by local culinary talents at 1000 Trades , a 19th-century badge warehouse with exposed brick and wooden accents.

For more places to eat and drink, check out 12 places to eat in the Jewellery Quarter.

Sports and outdoors

Despite the limited outdoor spaces of industrial zones, find a spot to step outside and soak up the rhythm of urban life.

For a dose of fresh air and history, step into St. Paul's Square, Birmingham's only surviving Georgian square, surrounded by elegant houses, cafes, bars and the churchyard of St. Paul's Church. With lush lawns and mature trees, it stands out as one of Birmingham's prime open spaces.

Discover the past at Warstone Lane Cemetery , known for its Roman amphitheatre-like catacomb complex, a poignant resting place for the working class. Also, discover graves of John Baskerville, the Baskerville typeface creator, and Major Harry Gem, the lawn tennis innovator.

Explore underfoot stories through JQ Pavement Trails , self-guided walks celebrating jewellery heritage. The 1.5 km Charm Bracelet trail connects main landmarks, while the 2km Findings trail reveals hidden gems, including a secret tunnel.

Music and nightlife

Once ranked as a hipster hotspot, the Jewellery Quarter invites you into its lively pub and club scene, where each venue holds its own unique charm.

Begin your journey in the historic Jewellers Arms , a redbrick pub open since 1840 with a cosy ambiance and real ales. Next, pop into the Rose Villa Tavern , an Edwardian masterpiece crafted by Mitchells & Butler in 1919-1920, reflecting brewing heritage. Alternatively, Pig & Tail offers a relaxed, sustainable vibe with craft beer and small plates.

Consider Somewhere in Brum as your coworking space before switching from day to night effortlessly for a laidback evening with vegan fusion cuisine.

Take a taste of Birmingham's vegan brewery scene at Rock&Roll Brewhouse . Head upstairs to their taproom for vegan ales, surrounded by memorabilia, complemented by live music on weekends.

For a melodic evening, head to The Jam House , where live jazz, rock and blues performances by music legends are on the play list. Conceived in 1999 by Jools Holland, this venue guarantees an intimate atmosphere within a historic Georgian building.

Fridays at 1000 Trades stand out as the premier Birmingham Jazz Club night. Here, in the funky upstairs room, experience the talents of local, national and international jazz musicians.


The crown jewel of the Jewellery District undoubtedly lies within its shops.

Keep a tight grip on your wallet as you wander the streets of the Jewellery Quarter, discovering dazzling family-run jewellery shops with generations of history. Unearth a treasure trove of silver, gold, and diamonds, from engagement rings to watches.

Celebrities like actress Sophia Loren in the mid-50s, chose Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter for her engagement ring, while Eric Clapton, the Sultan of Brunei and Lewis Hamilton have all been spotted shopping for unique pieces. Even Beyoncé bought Birmingham-made diamond-studded stilettos from designers, The House of Borgezie .

Discover Fattorini , a historic manufacturer in the Quarter with a large workshop and store on Regent Place.

Award-winning Mitchel & Co is based in the Big Peg on Warstone Lane. Victoria James , a family-run shop specialises in gemstone rings, pendants and earrings with diamond ruby, sapphire and emerald engagement rings. Diamond Dealer Direct on Warstone Lane sells - you guessed it - diamonds.

For something special, check out Elizabeth Anne Norris , crafting in recycled precious metals, and The Quarter Workshop in Fleet Street, both offering handmade pieces and even make-your-own-wedding-ring classes.


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