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The West Midlands region is thriving right now, and we’re here to help that continue. Our enormous investment programme will bring improved stations, better journeys and our entire train fleet will be upgraded. It’s not a quick job, trust us, if we could do it faster we would. Type your station in below and see what's changing for your timetable.

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Train Enhancements

  • In just a few years time, every train across the West Midlands Railway network will either be upgraded or brand new, making a huge difference to everyone's journey.

    The Cross City line trains are currently having a major upgrade - the changes are so good, that customers are telling us these are our brand new trains! They're not - they're almost 30-years old and having a big makeover - with better information screens, charging points and an interior refresh that covers everything from lighting to seats, along with the installation of wheelchair-accessible toilets.

    We've carried 13 million people on this line in the past 12 months. That's a million more than last year, so it's no surprise that trains are getting busier. We try to run our longest trains on the busiest services, and by Summer 2020, another ten commuter trains will have 6 carriages. We're also working behind the scenes to improve traincrew availability, and with Network Rail to reduce delays at key bottlenecks. Improving reliability will minimise overcrowding.

    We've placed the order for your new trains. When they arrive, your journeys will be transformed: every service will have 6 carriages for a start. Until then, we’ll continue to monitor every departure to help ensure the longest trains are always on the busiest services. Trust us - if we could get our new trains sooner we would, because who doesn't like new stuff.

    We'll be updating our website with more new trains information soon, check back here for details.

Station Improvements

We're committed to making every station better. Here's what's in store for yours.

  • Self-serve ticket machine
  • Live ticket assistance
  • Platform validators
    coming soon
  • CCTV
    coming soon
  • Digital screens
    coming soon
  • Help point
    coming soon
  • Station refresh
    coming soon

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We're working hard to get things back on track.

In December 2019 we introduced…

  • 6 trains an hour extended to 21:00 on weekdays
  • Extra carriage(s) for these evening peak trains from Birmingham New Street to Worcester / Hereford Line - 15:50, 18:20, 18:50 & Cross City Line - 16:15, 17:33 and 18:53
  • On the Hereford trains, whilst we wait for our new trains to arrive, we'll be using more of our older trains to enable us to provide more carriages
  • The 17:50 from Birmingham New Street to Hereford, calling at Bromsgrove (18:11) will have 3 carriages (instead of 4)
  • Extra carriage(s) for these morning peak trains towards Birmingham on the Worcester / Hereford line: 06:43, 07:23, 08:42 & 09:08

In May 2019 we introduced...

  • Hourly Sunday services