Social Distancing – Live Updates

Check how busy your train or station is today.

Green Traffic Light
Green means social distancing is working well, all trains running as planned.
Orange Traffic Light
Amber means it is getting busy some services may not call at all stations or queuing systems may be in place. Delay your journey if you can.
Red Traffic Light
Red means it is very busy and some stations might close and long waits are likely. Delay your journey or find another route.
Yellow Warning Triangle
A yellow warning triangle means there’s major disruption and services will be significantly delayed. Please do not travel, you may not be able to complete your journey today. We’ll do all we can to avoid this.

What is Social Distancing – Live Updates?

To help you decide whether you want to travel, if we are experiencing increased numbers of passengers that impact the effectiveness of social distancing on our trains and at our stations, we will issue live updates.

Simply follow @WestMidRailway or bookmark this page for the latest live update.

As well as live updates, we are monitoring passenger numbers every week so that we can forecast how busy your train is likely to be.

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