Railcards & Discounts

Discounts on your train travel.

There are plenty of ways to cut the cost of travel, especially in the off-peak. Here’s our guide to getting the best discounts.

Railcards - save 1/3 on train travel

Get a third off every time you travel with 16-25, Senior, Family & Friends, Two Together, Disabled Persons and HM Forces Railcard.

Discounts apply to standard and first class tickets for both Advance and Off-Peak fares.

  • 16-25 Railcard is for people aged 16-25 or any aged student in full time education
  • Disabled Persons Railcard for those with a disability that can make travelling more difficult
  • Family & Friends Railcard allows up to four adults and up to four children to travel with the discount
  • HM Forces Railcard is for members of the Regular Armed Forces and Volunteer Reserves plus spouses and civil partners
  • Senior Railcard applies to anyone aged over 60, and as an extra bonus the discount applies on Anytime ticket too!
  • Two Together Railcard allows both people to enjoy the discount when travelling together

Group discounts

Big discounts for three or more people travelling together.

GroupSave: 3-9 people

GroupSave is a discount applied when between three and nine people travel together. It gives you 1/3 off your Off-Peak travel and is available online or at a staffed station.

Adults and children can make up the travelling party.

GroupSave discounts apply to all journeys across our network, except for trips that are wholly within the Network West Midlands zonal area

How to buy

Buy online or at the station with no need to book in advance. Just select GroupSave from the list of Railcards.

You'll need to add a Railcard for every three or four people. Example: travelling as a group of six - add two GroupSave railcards.

Buy tickets online

Group Travel: 10+ people

Groups of ten or more can save 1/4 off the ticket price. Book at least ten days in advance and we’ll help you get a great price on our less busy trains.

To book tickets call our Group Travel team on 0333 311 0039 (lines are open Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00)

Day Ranger and multi-day Rover tickets

Ranger & Rover tickets are perfect if you want to explore a few places in a day, or over a few days.

Even better, 16-25, Disabled Persons, Senior and Two Together Railcard discounts also apply, giving you a further 1/3 off your ticket price.

Buy from the ticket office at a staffed station, in advance or on the day.

West Midlands Day Ranger

West Midlands Day Ranger tickets give you unlimited travel within the the Ranger area.

Heart of England 7 day and 3 day Flexi Rover

Spend up to seven days exploring a range of places with just one ticket for one price.

Route maps

West Midlands Day Ranger

West Midlands Day Ranger route map

Heart of England Rover

Heart of England Rover route map

The small print...

  • You can use these tickets on multiple train operators
  • They are available to buy from staffed stations
  • Travel after 09:00 Monday to Friday and any time at weekends and bank holidays
  • 7-day Rover tickets allow you to travel for seven consecutive days
  • 3-day Flexi Rover tickets allow you to travel for any three days within a seven day period