Face coverings

Face coverings are no longer mandatory on public transport.

It is no longer mandatory to wear a face covering on public transport. However, the government recommends you continue to wear one in crowded or indoor spaces where you may come into contact with people you do not normally meet. Please consider wearing a face covering if the train or platform is busy.

Supporting our customers

We recognise that our passengers will take different approaches to face coverings. Some may choose to wear one at all times, some may wear one occasionally and others may choose not to wear one, or not be able to for medical reasons. Whatever applies to you, please be considerate to people around you in our stations and on our trains.

Sunflower lanyard and other schemes

The sunflower lanyard is recognised across the transport sector as a discreet way to indicate the wearer may have additional needs that are hidden or not immediately visible. Passengers who do not wish to wear a lanyard but would like another way to discreetly indicate their condition if asked, can:

  • Carry a JAM card – this stands for ‘Just A Minute’ and is used by many people with autism and communication barriers
  • Carry a Passenger Support Card – available here