English Heritage: Cantlop Bridge

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019 to Tuesday, December 31, 2019
CANTLOP BRIDGE Shropshire Bridge by Thomas Telford View from the North

The cast-iron bridge, approved and built in 1813 by Scottish engineer Thomas Telford, is of historic interest because of its innovative design. In use until the 1970s, the bridge is a single span - revolutionary in its day. There is a small picnic area beside the river. Walk to the bus station, located close to Shrewsbury rail station, and take the Boultons of Shropshire 540 service to the bridge.




Mon-Sun dawn-dusk

English Heritage: Cantlop Bridge

Postal code: SY5 6LE
Phone number: 0370 333 1181
Rail: Shrewsbury

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