Assisted travel

If you need assistance to make your journey, we ask that you book this in advance where possible.

This will help us put the necessary arrangements in place before you arrive and avoid any delay to your journey. You can book assistance up to 10pm the day before travel, or if you are only travelling on our services, you can book with us up to 12 hours ahead for journeys on the same day.

Don’t forget you can always simply ‘turn up and go’ without booking, and we will do our best to help you on the day.

Our additional safety measures

Our team will clean all surfaces they come into contact with regularly and minimise physical contact where possible. This may mean keeping you at arms-length, working as quickly as we can, and positioning wheelchair and scooter users 2 metres away while we set up the ramp. We will also try and keep to 1 person in a lift wherever possible. This may mean we will assist you at the top and bottom of the lift only.

How to book assistance

To book assistance please call the Passenger Assist team on 0800 024 8997 (Next Generation Text 18001 0800 024 8997) or fill out our online form.

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